An Evening with ROBERT EARL KEEN

Vilar Performing Arts Center
July 21, 2020 8:00 pm

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An Evening with ROBERT EARL KEEN


Robert Earl Keen is a Texas native who has nineteen records to his name, thousands of shows under his belt, and has even been inducted into the Texas Heritage Songwriters Hall of Fame. It’s not always easy to sum up a career — let alone a life’s ambition — so succinctly, but those five words from Robert Earl Keen’s calling-card anthem just about do it.

You can complete the lyric with the next five words — the ones routinely shouted back at Keen by thousands of fans a night (“and the party never ends!”) — just to punctuate the point with a flourish, but it’s the part about the journey that gets right to the heart of what makes Keen tick. Some people take up a life of playing music with the goal of someday reaching a destination of fame and fortune; but from the get-go, Keen just wanted to write and sing his own songs, and to keep writing and singing them for as long as possible.

Come join us in listening to the unique voice and sound of Robert Earl Keen. Hear some of his top tracks, such as “The Road Goes On Forever” and “Feelin’ Good Again.”

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TICKETS: Starting at $55 [On Sale Friday, April 10th at 11am]

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