In Eagle County, more than 8,000 students each year are given invaluable exposure to the performing arts through the Vilar Performing Arts Center’s S.T.A.R.S. programming (Support The Arts Reaching Students). It provides the basis for a life of enjoyment and understanding of a wide array of performing arts disciplines, often for youth who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity. Pat and Pete Frechette were instrumental in the creation of the S.T.A.R.S. program, which was founded in 1998 and has provided thousands of Eagle County youth with free or affordable opportunities to experience age-appropriate performing arts, often via school field trips to matinee shows. The S.T.A.R.S. program brings approximately 20 shows a year to the VPAC. The programming is educational and entertaining, oftentimes integrating with teachers’ lesson plans and sometimes providing a platform for discussion of pertinent childhood issues such as bullying, cultural awareness or how to deal with challenging homework.

2018-2019 Lineup Includes:

Bill Blagg’s Science of Magic | September 25 | 10AM & 12:30PM | Grades 2 – 4
How To Survive Middle School | October 4 | 10AM & 12:30PM | Grades 6 – 8
ArcAttack Engineering | October 23 | 10AM & 12:30PM | Grades 3 – 5
PROJECT Trio | November 6 | 10AM & 12:30PM | All Ages
NPR’s From the Top | January 17 | 12:30PM |  Grades 3 – 6
BODYTRAFFIC Dance | February 14 | 12:30PM | Grades 4 & Up
| March 21 | 10AM & 12:30PM | Grades K – 2
PUSH [Physical Theatre] | April 3 | 12:30PM | Grades 2 – 4 
Me…Jane: The Dreams and Adventures of a Young Jane Goodall | April 9 | 10AM & 12:30PM | Grades 1 & 2 
Jarabe Mexicano: Cinco de Mayo | April 30 | 10AM & 12:30PM | All Ages

The STARS Series is underwritten by the Frechette Family Foundation.  Vail Daily: “STARS Program receives $1 million endowment from Frechette Family Foundation

If you are interested in signing up a school group or if your school is already booked and you would like to request a reimbursement for bus transportation, please complete the forms linked below.


Upcoming Performances

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