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Date: March 13, 2024
Author: Cat Hayes
Repeat VPAC Performers, BODYTRAFFIC is back with four brand-new pieces

Crowd-pleasing faves, BODYTRAFFIC is back and better than ever

The Vilar Performing Arts Center is thrilled to welcome internationally acclaimed BODYTRAFFIC, a dance company based in Los Angeles. The group will present Bolero in Beaver Creek on Friday, March 22, at 7 p.m. The group seeks to elevate dance beyond an art form to a mode of exploration and celebration of ideas and spirit through shared language.

“If I were to describe BODYTRAFFIC in one word, it would be ‘versatile,’” Cameron Morgan, the VPAC’s executive director said. “In their program at the VPAC, these artists will explore love and heartbreak, the indomitable human spirit, and our ever-transforming humanity through four distinct ballets whose mesmerizing movement spans classical, contemporary, modern dance and dance theater.”

The evening’s program includes a new piece called “The Act of Becoming,” which the VPAC helped bring to fruition.

“The VPAC is honored to support BODYTRAFFIC through the co-commissioning of ‘The Act of Becoming,’” Morgan said. “It is a privilege to contribute to the creation of new artistic works in this way, and I’m excited for our community to witness this new ballet’s Colorado premiere.”

“The Act of Becoming” is set to Ravel’s iconic “Bolero.” Spanish choreographer Fernando Hernando Magadan reimagines the orchestral work and tells a story about the journey of transformation. The piece serves as a reminder that powerful artistic expressions can awaken something dormant within us, activating the courage to continue the search for home in our ever-changing selves.

The evening’s program also includes “Bioquea’o,” choregraphed by Joan Rodriquez. Set to original music by Pedro Osuna, the piece premiered in 2023. Using the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis as its backdrop, Bloquea’o calls on and admires the persistence of the human spirit to create a home when it is taken away. Rodriguez’s synthesis of Folklorico and contemporary influences epitomizes what it means to carry home with you wherever you go.

In “Blue Until June,” which choreographer Trey McIntyre created for The Washington Ballet in 2000, L.A. native and singing icon Etta James lends her soulful voice as the dancers capture the innate desperation of the blues.

The evening concludes with “Danke Schoen” (excerpt from Rooster), set to music by Wayne Newton. The piece follows the story of one hapless young man as he fitfully dreams one night. Choreographed by Barak Marshall, the piece was originally created for Barak Marshall Dance Theatre Company and premiered in Israel in 2009.

This performance is part of VPAC’s Pick 3/5/8 winter ticket package. For more information about VPAC’s schedule and to purchase tickets, click here or call 970-845-8497.

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