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High Praise

Date: March 22, 2024
Author: Cat Hayes
Love from VPAC Performers

Once they’ve performed here, they always want to return!

It’s no secret that artists and performers LOVE the Vilar Performing Arts Center.

There’s always a guest book in the green room — the lounge and waiting room area for performers — and so many artists have taken the time to leave a quick note, sketch, or anecdote.

Nearly every note included a nod to the venue’s beauty, the amazing staff, a welcoming audience, and perhaps the best indicator of the VPAC’s universal appeal: the desire to return as soon as possible. Though not nearly as often performers routinely expressed thanks for the oxygen that was sometimes needed to get through such a high altitude performance. Violinist Ray Chen recently posted a video on his social channels of himself, receiving oxygen before his stunning March 19 performance with Julio Elizalde.

Notably, there were signatures, scribbles, and heartfelt thanks in 2020, a reminder of the VPAC’s incredible efforts to promote live performances during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. The artists were as thrilled as the audiences to be back onstage.

A sketch from the Maxwell Quartet, left in the green room guest book.

A sample of some of our favorite high praise follows:

“One of the most beautiful theaters, if not the prettiest, that we’ve ever had the chance to play in.” — Alison Krauss, 2011

“This is the No. 1 house for sound and beauty. It’s better than fabulous.” — Art Garfunkel, 2008

“It’s magic to play here, winter or summer!” — Béla Fleck, 2012

“I love this room!” — Smokey Robinson, 2013

“I can truly say that playing at the Vilar Performing Arts Center this yea was one of the highlights of my 2018 touring schedule. It’s hard to find a better sounding venue.” — Trace Bundy, 2018

“So happy to be back performing and spreading love here at one of my favorite venues.” — LeAnn Rimes, 2021

“This hall, these sounds. It’s like candy for me playing here. Few halls of this size are as warm and generous.” — Chris Thile, 2021

“What a beautiful venue, what a beautiful crowd!” — The Wood Brothers, 2023

The VPAC and its staff are honored that so many performers have an excellent experience and want to return again and again. It is truly an incredibly special space, and we look forward to sharing it with more audiences and artists in the days, months, years, and decades to come!

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