STARS: Sam Reider & The Human Hands: Roots of Freedom


October 24, 2019 10:00 am

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  • $15 Adult
  • $12 Child
STARS: Sam Reider & The Human Hands: Roots of Freedom
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Recommended for grades 4 & 5

Curriculum Connections: Evolution of Music, Community, Diversity, Self-expression through music, Improvisation, and Music as protest.


Roots of Freedom is a 60-minute educational concert that puts American roots music in conversation with major cultural themes of the last century and challenges students to consider the important role of music and art in the world of tomorrow. Sam and the Human Hands lead a musical tour beginning in New Orleans at the turn of the century up through rural Appalachia to New York City and the Harlem Renaissance. Through captivating performance and interactive activities, Sam will demonstrate how the structure of a band can be a model for a functioning, democratic society, how the blues provides a platform for self-expression, and how improvisation and active listening allow a community to support a plurality of diverse voices.

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Ticketing: $15 Adult  |  $12 Child

This show has 2 performances:



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