Bonfire Dub: The Doors

10th Anniversary Show: Weaving music of Bonfire dub with classic Doors hits

December 9, 2017 7:30 pm

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Bonfire Dub: The Doors
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Weaving music of Bonfire dub with classic Doors hits!

The reggae-rock original sounds of Bonfire Dub will be woven with classic hits of iconic group, The Doors. Bonfire keyboardist Jeff Armistead magnificently recreates the keyboard wizardry of Doors band leader Ray Manzarak. The show will slide from the music of Bonfire into the music of the Doors, and back!

In addition to paying tribute to music of The Doors, Bonfire Dub is releasing locally their new track “Kashmir”. Kashmir was recently written by vocalist Scotty Stoughton while living with a Muslim family in what some call occupied Kashmir, India. The song represents the deep mystical roots of Kashmir, the struggle of the local people and the solutions for hope and peace in the future.

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Bonfire Dub plays a deep and powerful blend of roots music — original songs with rich melodies, featuring down tempo, acoustic laced and electric steel driven reggae, folk and dub. Bonfire’s lyrical repertoire is inspired from eastern philosophy, indigenous struggles, political injustice, international relief efforts and a deep respect for the soul of love and the balance of nature. Bonfire’s founder, Scotty Stoughton, interweaves stories of hope and struggle, derived from his humanitarian aid experiences in regions such as Central America and Haiti.



$15 for all seating levels

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